Eastern Orthodox Heritage Foundation supports the development of renewable energy technologies.
Eastern Orthodox Heritage Foundation and Stumval Corporation signed an agreement for cooperation: To support the development V-Gen green energy generators and promote the technology throughout its Churches in the United States and Canada.
The "V­-Gen" miniature generators allow to distribute electricity at the point of use in high volume.Designed with an electrical output between 2­-5 kW and a lifetime between recharges of 1­-3  years, such miniature devices, may remove the need of outside electricity network connection at reduced costs per kWh. Such a small generator ("long lived battery") used in each home, or apartment buildings to provide clean power at the point of usage only within the above mentioned forged agreement may produce as much as $1,296,000,000 in sales of electricity at $0.09/kWh of which 30% or $388,800,000 per year is donated for humanitarian uses.   
V-Gen Generators
V-Generator ilustration

V-Gen Generators are similar to a power cell that can produce electricity from an internal supply of fuel sealed inside the system (isotopes emitting short alfa rays), but with a life span from 1.5 to 3 years, depending of what type of fuel is used. There is No Exhaust, No moving parts (other than heated gas) this means that V-Gen generators are 100% for residential use. The expected cost for mass fabrication is between 60$/KWe to 500$KWe.